April 3, 2020

All Pennsylvanians are subject to a stay-at-home order through April 30. The order asks
residents to avoid travel out unless absolutely necessary, while providing the ability to
exercise outside so long as social distancing guidelines are met.

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf requested Friday that people in the state wear masks when
they leave their homes as another measure to help curtail the outbreak of COVID-19.
“Today, I’m asking all Pennsylvanians to wear masks, any time you leave your house,” he
said in a briefing from Harrisburg. “Masks help prevent people from sharing illnesses.”
Wolf stressed, though, that the primary strategy for curtailing the COVID-19 outbreak
remains staying at home and keeping distance from other people

Levine announced 1,404 additional positive cases of COVID-19 in Pennsylvania, pushing
the statewide total to 8,420 in 63 counties. She also announced 12 new deaths among
positive cases, bringing the total number of deaths in Pennsylvania to 102.
The total includes five new cases in Fayette County, bringing the total to 20. Allegheny
County has reported 476 positive cases and 2 deaths, Greene has reported 11 cases,
Washington has reported 40 cases, and Westmoreland’s total is 110.
Wolf also issued a strident statement admonishing those who have displayed intolerance
during the outbreak, particularly against people of Asian descent.
“Pennsylvania is a commonwealth founded on tolerance,” he said. “I’m disappointed and
ashamed as a Pennsylvanian to hear that individuals have directed hate toward fellow
Pennsylvanians of Asian background. No matter how stressful, frightening or chaotic this
pandemic becomes, we cannot let COVID-19 take tolerance away from us.
"I fully back the Pennsylvania State Police in pursuing anyone engaging in a hate crime. But
more importantly, I am advocating for all Pennsylvanians to take a stand against anti-Asian
sentiments. If you see anti-Asian discrimination, please report it. Hate is just one more
symptom of this terrible disease.”
Later in the briefing, as Wolf and Levine fielded questions, Levine commented on resources
– particularly personal protective equipment – received from the Federal Emergency
Management Agency.
“We have received resources,” she said. “We did not receive all the resources that we
asked for, but we did receive resources several times. We are also really scouring
Pennsylvania and other places in the United States to purchase those types of materials,
such as the N95 masks, gowns, ventilators, and we have been successful in purchasing
She added: “We’re looking everywhere we can for this type of personal protective
equipment, and I know we’re looking, even, if possible to make the equipment.”