Patricia Clark Dinaway Stawovy
Last Updated 4/3/20
3138 Scottdale-Smithton Rd.
Scottdale, Pa.  15683


Hello fellow classmates - Hope all of you are staying safe during this
crazy pandemic.  Like most of you, I turned 65 last year.   I now have 6
grandchildren - 2 girls and 4 boys.  Still love crocheting, cats, ponds - I
have 3.  We have a house in Fairview, PA.  Near Erie, but we call
Scottdale home.   We have a boat and fish in Lake Erie a lot in the
summer time.  On my last post I was talking about going to Alaska.   
Cruised to Alaska and last winter got to go back to Hawaii.   We had
did the exact same cruise 9 years prior, but did all different things this
last time.  I have 4 kids - Shari is my stepdaughter and she has 2 kids -
1 boy 19 and 1 girl 17.   Chris is my son to my first marriage and he
has 3 kids - 1 girl, 20 and 2 boys 19 and 15.  Nathan is our middle son
and he is not married, no children.   Jeremi was the baby of the
family.   He is engaged and his fiancee has a little boy 11.